Selling Real Estate

For many people their home is their most important, and even their most valuable asset.  It is important that this sale is done right, and that you understand the process.

When we act for you on the sale of a home we will prepare the necessary contracts and help you to obtain the necessary certificates.  We understand that sometimes when you are selling you might exchange contracts a couple of times, but the purchasers might exercise their rights under the cooling off period, and we will help you to understand this process and advise you regarding any changes that might need to be made.

In almost every sale once the contracts are exchanged the purchasers will then request changes to the contract.  You will need someone to explain to you what these conditions mean, why the change has been requested, and whether you should agree.

There are also certain warranties that, by law, you make when you sell the property regardless of what conditions actually form part of the sale contract.




Our charges are:

Sale: $2,600 incl GST plus disbursements/expenses such as compulsory government certificates - usually about $550.



Other Services

Because the home is a valuable asset for most people we will also talk to you about other legal considerations, like Estate planning and the structure of your business if you run your own business.  We can help you to prepare new Wills to ensure that the right person inherits your sale proceeds, or we can advise you on the Estate planning ramifications of moving into a retirement village.



Selling Guide

The Law Society has prepared a guide for selling a property that you can find by clicking on this button.