According to this article RMS has requested change to the legislation allowing them to refuse to register a vehicle if they are satisfied that the vehicle, or any part of the vehicle, is subject to a recall notice.

This is clearly in response to the Takata air bag recall.

The RMS website now says in two places that failure to get your Takata air bag replaced may result in suspension of your car's registration,

There are already significant delays to get your air bag fixed under the system, don't wait until the legislation is changed or until your registration is due, get the air bag fixed today.



Is my car on the list?

If you are wondering if your car is on the list, you can check the government's recall list here.

A client tells us that she called to book her car in this week and was firstly told to call back after she got the second recall notice (she had only received one).  Then she was offered a date in December.  After some to and fro, she obtained a date in May but at Parramatta.

Whether or not your car's manufacturer is currently experiencing delays, if this becomes a requirement for registration the delays will start or will increase.

Call and book your car in today.

Go to this website, type in your car details, it will give you the information regarding who you should contact to get your faulty air bag replaced.



Future recalls

Did you know that there is already a list of future recalls of Takata air bags?

The ACCC website has a list, and they say "the list below shows vehicles that are not yet under active recall, but will be subject to future recalls by their manufacturers. This list will be updated from time to time." (emphasis added)

You can check if your car is on that list by clicking here.

The registration requirement may impact you, at some point in the future.  Note that the change requested by RMS doesn't just relate to Takata, but in relation to any recall.  If your car is impacted by a recall you need to act quickly, in case a change is made and you suddenly can't register your car because there is a delay in getting the recalled item replaced.



How do I keep up to date with recalls?

You can receive emails about any recalls that ACCC issues.  You can also choose which category you want to receive recalls about, so in this case you could sign up to just receive information about, so in this case you could just select cars, or you can even select the make of your motor vehicle and just receive email updates about that.



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