Administrative Law

Administrative law is the area of law which deals with the way that anyone who is making an administrative decision has to go about considering the underlying facts and then making the decision. These laws can apply to a very wide range of “decision makers” and to a wide range of “decisions” including courts and Tribunals, government bodies, sporting associations, golf clubs, educational institutions and other “social” clubs.





What sort of issues are covered?

The most well know part of administrative law is what is commonly known as the rules of Natural Justice or the Rules of Procedural Fairness, however there are many other parts to the scope of administrative law such as rules against a person making a decision if they are “biased” or for some other reason should not be allowed to deal with an issue or be the decision maker. This area of the law is growing or developing quite fast .




What should I do?

If you are unhappy about  a decision that has been made  about you then you can consult Bruce Coode to find out if you can challenge that decision. Your first consultation is free of charge.  If the decision you are concerned about isn't covered by this area of law he will tell you, but the problem is most people don't ask and so they don't know that they have a legal remedy.




Bruce Coode

Who should I speak to?

Be careful of lawyers who don't have a track record in this area, administrative law is an odd and broad area of law that can only be understood by keeping up to date with the case law in the area.  It touches all other areas of law a little bit, so all lawyers know a little bit, but Bruce understands the whole area.




Where can I get more information?

If you would like to read some more information about administrative law then click on the link to the right to read some more of our articles.