Now that the stickers have been gone from our cars for some time, how are you going with remembering your registration?

There are a few potential issues if you drive unregistered, including you have no green slip and probably have voided your third party insurance, and you are driving illegally (driving an unregistered vehicle).



The fines

There are two fines usually attracted by driving or parking an unregistered vehicle on a road or road related area.  There is a $673 fine to drive or park an unregistered vehicle on a road or road related area, and a further $673 to drive or park an uninsured vehicle on a road or road related area.  So one fine for unregistered, one fine for uninsured (because there is no green slip).  That is $1,346.  The person who permitted you to use the uninsured unregistered vehicle (so the vehicle owner, if that isn't you) could be fined the same amounts.




There is a separate $673 fine for the owner for driving a car, or allowing a car to be driven, when the registration/tax has not been paid.  So for an owner this could be a $2,019 mistake.

Don't forget that, upon realising the mistake, the owner would then need to promptly register the vehicle (which will probably be a further $1,000).





Your insurance

If you are driving a vehicle that is uninsured and you get in an accident then there is a very real risk that you could lose your house or suffer other financial hardship.  The fines may be the least of your worries.  Something that appears to be a minor crash could quickly become expensive if the other driver's insurance company takes a different view to you, or if the other side is 'self insured' for the purposes of comprehensive insurance.

In small claims matters (where most motor vehicle accidents end up) there is a cap on legal fees so even if you win, you will be out of pocket.  Even if you don't instruct solicitors the lost time, stress, and missed work will quickly add up.



What can you do?

Check if the car that you are driving is registered before you drive it.  Click on the blue button to go to that RMS web site.



More information

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