I was lucky enough to be invited to be a Western Sydney University communications campaign mentor.  This is a community partnership for public relations and advertising majors, which they must undertake in their final semester of study. This unit is designed to provide students with a practical “real world” experience under the mentorship of an industry expert.



I am not an expert at public relations or advertising but rather my expertise was our business, Coode & Corry Solicitors. We discussed a couple of potential projects for them and settled on:

Prepare a Public Relations campaign strategy to increase awareness of Coode & Corry’s "No Respect, No Relationship" campaign. Coode & Corry Solicitors aims to create awareness and generate conversation about the stigma of domestic violence, or provide skills like identifying disrespectful relationships to help all of the community identify bullying behaviour.

The hope was to create a campaign to help me increase knowledge of the program, so that local schools and community organisations would take me up on the offer to speak for free at their events.  It turns out I was very lucky, I scored the winning team, literally.  They won the prize for the best PR Campaign.



I want to thank these women for their hard work and also their passion for domestic violence advocacy, which is why we settled on that for their project, and I think has a lot to do with why they won this prize.  Of course, they are also just good at what they do.  My team were Katie Mitchell, Abbey Robinson, Alivia Celio, Rita Gorga and Sarah Whelan.  I have linked their Linked In bios to each of their pictures below.


Katie Mitchell

Abbey Robinson

Alivia Celio

Rita Gorga

Sarah Whelan



If you are a local business with some time to spare then you should honestly contact Western Sydney University about this program.  I gained access to the expertise of advertising and public relations professionals for the cost of my time.  They are final semester students, they were wonderful and do a good job of selling the benefits of a good PR campaign to businesses in the local area, so the industry should be very pleased with the program.