There is a lot of talk about victims of domestic violence.  We talk about female victims, and mostly we talk about females who die.

The most popular article on our website answers the specific question, are men killed in domestic violence incidences?  So obviously people are also asking do men die? 

All of this ignores a very sad and important group of victims.

The children who die as a result of family violence.



Child victims?!

I hope that child victims aggravates you.  It aggravates me.

Rather than focus on whether men do it to women, or whether women do it to men, how about we agree to do something about the problem for the sake of the most helpless victims.

The Domestic Violence Death Review Team for NSW states in their 2015 - 2017 report that there were 65 deaths of children from family violence, that is a person aged 14 years or younger.  42% of these children were killed by their biological father acting alone and 26% were killed by their biological mother acting alone.  

Actually five of those 'adults' were boys or girls aged 15 through 19 years old, the report doesn't break down how many were between 15 and 17 years old.  So if we increase the age to 19 years old, it is 70 children killed, 158 women killed.

These victims have no power to leave or to protect themselves in any meaningful fashion, they are children. 

If we want to rally around something, how about getting upset about the deaths of these children? 

During that same period 158 females died, so a bit more than double the number of children.  So they should get at least half of the attention that female adult victims get yes?  Why don't we hear half of the press or public outcry about protecting children from family violence?

Even if you want to protect female victims of domestic and family violence, the current mantras and one line solutions are far too simple.  Women do kill.  Men do die.  Furthermore safe relationships are about so much more than preventing death.

Domestic and family violence is a complex problem requiring complex solutions, while we want the violence against women to stop we want government funds directed at the actual cause of the problem not the perceived cause that has a simpler solution.



But it isn't just about deaths

We have a separate article looking at other problems caused by domestic violence, like the fact that over 900 boys were found to have been assaulted by a criminal court in NSW in 2017 by a family member, not sexually assaulted that is another further category.  Over 900 boys aged 14 or younger were assaulted.  The majority of those were 9 years old or younger.  Read more about that by clicking on the image to the right.



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