No one wants to have to call 000, but if you call 000 and it doesn't work then that is an even bigger nightmare.  This happened across certain states in Australia this morning, and it is a good reminder that you should have alternative numbers saved in your phone.

The first number you should save into your phone is 131 444, which is the Police Assistance line for non urgent matters.  They can contact other emergency services as well however (fire or ambulance) and so this is generally a good first port of call.



Penrith Police Station

You can contact Penrith Police Station directly.  Their contact details are here but you should save their phone number into your phone, which is 02 4721 9444.

The non emergency Police Assistance Line for all police stations is 131 444.  Ordinarily you wouldn't call that in an emergency, but if 000 isn't working then that is another number to try.



There's an App for that

While it is cliche to say, there is actually an App for that.  While it still uses the phone line and wouldn't have worked in this particular emergency, it is a useful App to have on your phone.  Download the Emergency+ App onto your smart phone, it may be a lifesaver one day.  You can find out more about it here.

If you are like me and you forget street names or locations then this App is particularly useful as it uses the GPS on your phone.



If you need an ambulance try Health Direct

Health Direct is a number set aside for non urgent medical issues, but again if 000 isn't working it is worth trying.  You can call Health Direct on 1800 022 222 if you have a health concern and you're not sure what to do.



If there is a fire

You could use the National Relay Service for the hearing impaired by texting 0423 677 767 or you could contact Penrith Fire Station at 02 4721 5575.



National Relay Service

The National Relay Service exists for the hearing impaired and should not be used simply because of preference, but if the 000 line is not working you could try this service.  You can read more about that service here.