Having rubbish left on your nature strip can be very frustrating, but whose responsibility is it?

Well, as a matter of law it is the responsibility of the person who dumped the rubbish and heavy fines can apply for dumping rubbish.  Have a look at the EPA website by clicking here.



What if you don't know who dumped the rubbish?

The frustration can come when you don't know who dumped the rubbish.  It is sitting on your property, usually the nature strip for your property.

The problem is the nature strip is your property, you are responsible for it.  This is why you have to mow the grass, not the Council or some other agency.  Even though you can't build there or fence it off you do have to look after it.



So what can I do?

You can report the littering, as suggested on the EPA website here, but they can only issue a clean-up notice if they can identify who dumped it.

For some areas it is even illegal to take rubbish from the pile of rubbish waiting for council pick up because those items belong to the person who placed them there.

If you are in the Penrith City Council area you will probably have to use one of your four clean-ups a year to get rid of the dumped rubbish, and there is a 2-4 week wait for that.



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