If you follow our Instagram profile or are part of the No Respect, No Relationship mailing list then you have seen a bunch of definitions for words like respect, safe and support.

Why would we do this?

Because good, safe and healthy relationships are about so much more than not hitting people.

The reason that I have pitched my program at respect, and not at death or physical violence or violence against women, is I want to raise the bar. My No Respect, No Relationship campaign covers all abusive behaviour in all relationships, because everyone deserves respect.



What does abuse look like?

Call us a bunch of lawyers but we tend to start with defining the question we are asked, or defining the words in the questions we are asked.

The government is starting to do some work around the issue of respectful relationships and you can look at that here.

But everyone is assuming that people, and in particular young people, can easily define and understand these words.  If you can't define respect then how will you identify disrespectful behaviour?





Preventing dangerous relationships

The best way to help your friends and loved ones to avoid dangerous or disrespectful relationships is to have an ongoing discussion with them about the importance of respect, and what respect looks like.

You will be better placed to have that discussion if you have thought about this for yourself, if you have critically analysed your own behaviour or the behaviour of your loved ones then you will be ready to help them to evaluate what is going on around them.



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